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Here standing in the rain
The sun has gone again and nothing’s gonna change
Time, I need a little time as you slip out of sight
And nothing heals the pain

And I know that it’s you that’s stopping me from falling
Chrashing down, losing ground till I see you again
And I know...

The sun will shine
And we will see there’s nothing standing in our way
Love will stand and never break
Never thought this could be me
Do you feel what I feel?
Evertime that you are near it’s a beautiful world

Words are hard to keep inside
Even though I’ve tried, impossible to hide

And you know that it’s me that’s stopping you from falling
Crashing down, losing ground till I see you again
And you know...

I’ll be the stars guiding you
I’ll be the place that you hide
I’d run a thousand miles, a thousand miles to be by your side